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Konkuk Univ team felicitation ceromoney at Patna: Dec 21, 2008

BBrains Development Society accorded welcome to a five members (Prof. Hoon Taek Lee, Dr.Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Mrs. Kyoung Hee Kim, Mrs. Sweta Gupta, Mr. Young-moon) delegations from Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea led by Prof. Hon Taek Lee, at its office on Sunday evening 6:00 PM, 21st Dec.2008. Prof. Lee , Director of Bio Organ Research centre, Department of Biotechnology in Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea., was a accompanied by his wife (Mrs. Kyoung Hee Kim) , and Mukesh Gupta his wife (Mrs. Sweta Gupta). These persons were experts in animal Bio Technology of the university. They extend experience in the field with members of B.Brains Development society.

After a brief fellowship, the member of B.Brains Development society accorded a felicitation to the member of the delegations. Prof. Santosh Kumar did the anchoring at the function. One of the promoters of the society, a senior Journalist Mr. Amalendu Narayan Sinha welcoming them recalled the relationship between South Korea and India. Mr. Amalendu highlighted the technical and Scientific Development in various fields in South Korea and their applications in the development of the country. Appreciating South Korea skill management and described the Seoul Olympics as land mark in the history of the Olympics games be sides, Mr. Amalendu referred to both the countries as the arch rivals in the games of Hocky, Tenis, Boxing, and Wrestling. He also mentioned about Koreans affords for the unification of both these Korea like east and west Germany. Mr. Amalendu hope the South Koreans would provide technical and Scientific know how to the Society as well as students of Bihar.

On behalf of BiharBrains, Prof. A. Yadav former Vice Chancellor of Bihar University presented a presented brochure to Prof. Lee and a letter of his nomination into team of global scientific council. Prof. Yadav outlined the aims of the society and its global scientific council. He thanked Prof. Lee for having association with Magadh University (PG Dept of Botany and Biotechnology, College of commerce). On behalf of BiharBrains society, he greeted Prof. Jainendra Kumar (Head of the department of Botany and Biotechnology, College of Commerce, Patna) for being a part of this collaboration. He hope this association with the co-ordination of BiharBrains, a new era of scientific interaction will be started in the field of animal biotechnology and its related subject between both universities. BiharBrains will always be involved in these coordinated effort for starting any venture or foreign university collaboration with universities of Bihar. He showed his firm belief that doing such kind of activities will certainly change the face of Research & development in the state . He also thanked Dr. Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Asst. Professor of animal biotechnology department, Konkuk University for playing a major role in this collaboration.

Replying to the felicitations Prof. Lee accepted his nomination into the global scientific council and thanked members for their noble effort. He gave a brief resume for the Scientific activity in their application to the development of cattle wealth and he also assured all possible help to improve Scientific know ledge to the students of Bihar. Prof. Mukesh Gupta gave a demonstration on the development of Animal Biotechnical affords on the occasion.

In his message from Korea, Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chairman of BiharBrains expressed the hope that this collaboration will have great impact in improving research environment in Bihar. His message was read out the message by Dr. Rakesh Kumar of Patna Womens College, Patna. Prof. Jainendra Kumar of College of Commerce, Magadh University also address on the occasion.

Others who were present on this occasion were Dr. Young Gil Leen, Director of Korean Center for International Co-operation, A.N. College , Sri Atul Sinha, DGM , BSNL , Prof. KV Sriniwasan , Dr. B.K. Sharma, Dr. Santosh Kumar, Prof. Jainendra Kumar, Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Vikash Kumar, Rashmi Rani, Vijay Sharan, Vikash Ranjan, Ashutosh Kumar etc.

Prof. Dolly Sinha of Magadh Mahila College proposed vote of thanks. It was followed by dinner.

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BBSC Inaugurates its Center for Personality Development and Human Resources(CPDHR)

Inauguration Ceremony

BiharBrains Scholastic Center established its ¡°Center for Personality development and Human resources(CPDHR) at OmVihar Commercial Complex at Patna here on Dec 12, 1008. This was inaugurated by Prof. RajMani Prasad Sinha, former Vice Chancellor of Mithila University. While inaugurating this center, he said that students of Bihar lacks in soft skills and interpersonal skills. This is very good initiatives by BBrains development society to start such courses in Bihar. He thanked members (NRIs and NRBs) who contributed in this venture. He hoped that this small venture may lead to the big NRIs investment in the state for other projects through this society.

On this accession, Mr. Amit Thakur, Director of Digital Footprint outlined the importance of the course and its structure. He said, this course is not only for those who doesn¡¯t know English but also for those who has excellent communication skill in English but failed to deliver in front of his bosses or client. This is completely personality development course which has intended to design and develop glimpse of a person¡¯s attitude and professional etiquettes.

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Minutes of Meeting Held online on December 7, 2008

Minutes of Meeting Held online on December 7, 2008



I. Introduction

II. Attendee

III. Introduction of the attending members.

IV. Briefing the Agenda of meeting

V. Discussion regarding recent progress towards the BSC 2009

VI. Discussion about different chapter meetings.

VII. Discussion regarding sponsorship and personal contribution towards BSC 2009.

VIII. Inclusion of members in fund raising committee.

IX. Introduction of CPDHR

X. Updates regarding CPDHR

XI. Visit of Kokuk univ korea staffs.

XII. Conclusion


I. Introduction

The online meeting was held on December 7, 2008 between 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM. The chair person in this meeting was Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Chairman BB society..

II. Attendee

1. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, Korea (chair person)

2. Ajay Kumar, Pantnaagr

3. Ahmand rasheed, Saudi Arabia

4. Jyoti Prakash Lal, Hyderabad

5. Manis Jha, Korea

6. Ranjeet Kumar, New Delhi

7. Sarvesh Kumar, Hyderabad

III. Introduction of the attending members

There was an introduction session where all attendees were introduced with each other. It was a great session as every one got a chance to know another who belongs to his mother land and working in different area and different region across the world (Korea, Saudi Arabia, Pantnagar, New Delhi and Hyderabad).

IV. Briefing the Agenda of meeting

Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya proposed the following agendas:

1. About BSC 2009 , SPONOSRSHIP and contribution

2. Establishment of CPDHR

V. Discussion regarding recent progress towards the BSC 2009

There was a discussion session regarding the recent progress of the BSC2009. followings are the recents updates:

1. Assuarnce from Sangeeta lal trust in Govt Circuit house.

2. Progress of meeting with Nalanda Open univ

3. Jyoti ji`s discussion with some of the industry people.

4. Sarvesh`s proposal towards getting sponsorship from industries.

5. Expected number of delegates: 500

6. Expected budget : 9 Lakhs.

VI. Discussion about different chapter meetings regarding personal contribution and sponsership
1. Korea meeting: Next week

2. Hyderabad chapter meeting: January 1st week.

3. Expectation of funds from UK chapter: 1 week.

4. All chapter meeting to be held in December.

VII. Introduction of CPDHR

There was a discussion regarding CPDHR (Center of Personality Development and Human Resource) at Patna. This institution is going to be established in Patna in association with digital Foot Prints Pvt Ltd. Inauguration is being planned. Followings were the point of discussion:

1. Aim of CPDHR

2. Core members: 1. Bibhuti 2. Ranjeet 3. abul Farah 4. shabi hashmi

3. Contribution cum investment scheme of BB: under this scheme, any members will be partner of BB for limited period and 50% share will be for BB and 50 % share will be distributed among investors

4. Courses: Personality development and English communication Skills.

VIII. Visit of Kokuk univ korea staffs
Bibhuti ji and his team have convinced professors and management of Kokuk University Korea to have an association with Magadh University. A team of Professors will visit Patna on last week of December. Dr. Mukesh Gupta has played a significant role for this. This will be perhaps for first foreign association in Bihar.

IX. Conclusion

At last, the Chairperson, Mr. Bibhuti Bikramaditya, thanked to all the team members for their participation in the meeting and concluded the following points:

1. Meeting will be held at Hyderabad chapter in first week of Jan 2009 for sponsorship and personal contribution

2. Mr. Jyoti and Sarvesh jee jjoins fund management committee of BSC 2009

3. ALL other chapters should have special meeting in this dec or first week of Jan for BSC 2009 Personal contribution

4. UK Chapter is sending some contribution to BB office

5. Ranjeet may contribute 30 k

6. Every month global chat meeting will be organized.

Thanks and Regards

Sarvesh Kumar

For BB Team.

Konkuk University, Korea team decided to Visit BB office at Patna and Sign MOU with college of commerce, Patna

Dear Friends,

I am very glad to inform you that we are now successful in convincing Konkuk Univ, Seoul, Korea to have association between PG dept of Biotechnology, College of Commerce and Animal Biotechnology dept of KonKum Univ( http://animal. konkuk.ac. kr/). This is excellent piece of news for Dept, Magadh univ and all of us.

A five member team of professors led by Prof. Hoon Taek Lee, Director Bio-Organ Research Center,Department of Animal Biotechnology, Konkuk University, Seoul, South Korea is visiting Patna on Dec 21, 2008 and will back to korea on Dec 23. They will be Chief guest at Function organised by College of Commerce on Dec 22, 2008 called STRIDE, 2008. During function, A MOU will be signed in presence of dignatories of Patna and renowned local scientists, univ authorities etc.

Our Scientific Council under chairmanship of Prof. R.P. Sinha (Ex-Vc, Mithila Univ and HOD Physics, Patna Univ) may organise welcome function on Dec 22 at Patna on their arrival . College will provide all hospitality to the guest and will organise special lecture in the college on Biotechnology . The korean guest may be one the guest in the STRIDE 2008 organised by the college.

I hope this type of association will pave the path for making suitable research environment in the state of Bihar.

On Behalf of BB Family, I heartily appreciate Dr. Mukesh Gupta, our member from Korea and professor at Konkuk for this excellent job done.

This is for your kind information.

New Office bearers of BB Executive council announced : NOV 27,2008

Profile : BB Executive Committee

Bibhuti Bikramaditya: Chairman

Brief Introduction: He founded BiharBrains online on Yahoo on Oct 4, 2004 with the objectives of uniting NRIs/NRBs and all intellectuals from India and abroad who concern for the development of state for establishing R&D center, educational institutes and business houses in the state of Bihar. Building work environment in state by spreading education was one of the motives behind creating this organization. He is a native of Janipur Village in Sitamarhi dist (http://sitamarhi.bih.nic.in/) of Bihar (India). By profession, he is a technocrat working in the field of VLSI (FPGA/ASIC) chip design and development since 2001. He is presently employed at nSYSTechnologies Co.,Ltd as Project Manager (ASIC & SOC).He is also chief consultant of the company TekBrains Pvt. Ltd, Patna.

To know more about him, please view website www.bikramadityabibhuti.com

Email id: bibhuti@biharbrains.org , bikramadityabibhuti@yahoo.com

Tel: +82-10-5038-1743

Gauri Shankar Lal: Coordinator

Brief Introduction: He is retired Section officer in education department of govt of Bihar and native of Janipur village in Sitamarhi dist of Bihar (India).

Contact Address: Vill+P.O: Janipur, Via: Nanpur, Dist: Sitamarhi (Bihar), India

TeL: +91-9430083167

Dr. Kartik Sahay: Steering committee head and Fund Raising

Brief Introduction: He is Vice President of ACI Pharm.inc USA which is having branches in many countries. He did MBA and Ph.d from USA and native of Munger dist of Bihar.

Contact address: ACI PHARM INC
504, 6-6855 Airport Road, Mississauga, ONTARIO, ON L4V 1Y9

USA Address: 292 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10001
Company URL: www.acipharm.com

Permanent Address(India): Raisar, Basudeopur, Munger


Canada: (905) 712 9628, (647) 723 4014, (647) 722 3748

India: (011) 2271 0784, (011) 430 45835

USA: (212) 731 2260, (646) 727 9579, (201) 455 0006

Email: kartik@biharbrains.org , kartiksahay@yahoo.com

Dr. Bijay Kumar Sharma: President

Brief Introduction: He is head of the Department of Electronics, National Institute of Technology, Patna (www.nitp.ac.in). He is native of Maniari viallge of Muzaffarpur District of Bihar (India).

To know more about him please visit: http://www.geocities.com//bijay_maniari/

Contact address: Dept of Electronics & Communication Engineering,

National Institute of Technology, Patna – 800005. (India)

Tel: +91-612- 2672723 (Office), +91-612-3602848(residence)

Mobile: +91-9334202848

Email: bksharma@biharbrains.org, bijay_maniari@rediffmail.com

Dr. Dolly Sinha: General Secretary

She is Professor of Physics and in-charge of the computer science department of Magadh Mahila College, Patna. She works the field of Nano science and technology and actively involved in forming research group in Bihar in Nano Science. She is master and Ph.d from IIT, Delhi.

Email ID: dsinha96@gmail.com gensecy@biharbrains.org

Dr. Dhrub Kumar: Joint Secretary

Brief Introduction: He is professor and HOD, Dept of Psychology, HPS College, Madhepur in Madhubani dist of Bihar. He was JRF fellllow in Patna univ and ICSSR Fellow in A.N Sinha Institute of Social Science studies at Patna.

Contact Address: Dept of Psychology, HPS College, Madhepur, Dist: Madhubani,Bihar

Tel No: +91-9430037793

Email Id : dhrub@biharbrains.org

Vijay Kumar Sharan: Treasurer

Brief Introduction: He is Public Relation officer and also looking after maintaining accounts of society. Earlier he worked in computer section of DDC office, Vikash Bhawan, Govt of Bihar Patna.

Contact Address: Kajipur Colony, Near Dinkar chowk, Rajendra Nagar, Patna,Bihar

Tel: +91-9835279360 (official)

Email :Vijay_sharan@biharbrains. org

Dr. Abul Farah, South Korea: Editorial Board and Publicity Material Secretary

Brief Introduction: He is Biotechnology scientist at dept. of Biotechnology, Chosun University, Gwangju, South Korea. He has completed Maters and Ph.d from Aligarh Muslim University in India and associated with many scientific and social organizations. He is a native of Bhagalpur in Bihar (India)

Contact address: Dept of BioTechnology, Chosun University,375, Seoksuk-dong. Dong-gu, Gwangju, 501-759, S Korea

Tel: +82-62-230-7114

Mobile: +82-10-5162-8259

Email: abulfarah@biharbrains.org , farahabul@hotmail.com

Ranjeet Kumar, Delhi: Publicity Leader

Brief Introduction: He is Project Manager (IT) in American Express Bank, Gaurgaon, Haryana He completed his master from Delhi University and Language course in Japanese from TOKYO. He also worked for Japanese company in OSAKA, Japan. He is native of Dalsinghsaray of Samastipur dist in Bihar..

Contact address:


Mobile: +91-9971116063


Dhirendra Kumar, Delhi: Webmaster

Brief Introduction: He is project manager of delhi based IT company and also head consultant of TekBrains Pvt Ltd (www.tekbrains.co.in) .He is native of Munger district of Bihar (India)

Contact address: C-17, First Floor,Ganesh Nagar, Pandav Nagar Complex,New Delhi

Mobile: +91-9911555405

Email: dhirendra@biharbrains.org , dhirendrak@yahoo.com



Date: Nov 27, 2008

Time: 6.30 pm

Agenda of the meeting

Increasing size of General Board Members and election of its executives
Bye-laws amendment
Establishing a Center for Personality Development and Human Resource at Patna
Future activities and events
Any other Matters with the permission from chairman.

Resolution of the meeting:

1. Increasing size of General Board Members and election of its executives: Following members are unanimously elected as new office bearers of the society

Dr Dhrub Kumar: Vice president

Dr. Dolly Sinha : General Secretary

Dr. Santosh Kumar: Joint Secretary

Dr. Kartik Sahay: Fund Raising and head steering committee

Dr. Abul Farah: Editorial Board and Publicity material secretary

Dr. Amarendra Narayan: Scientific program secretary

Dr. Rakesh Kumar: Media Spokesperson

Ranjeet Kumar: Publicity Leader

Dhirendra Kumar: Webmaster

(Note: Separate file is enclosed herewith their signatures)

2. Bye-laws amendment

2.1 Membership fee (category wise)


Life time membership: Rs 1500/-

Annual subscription: Rs 501/-

Student Annual Subscription: Rs 201


Life time membership: 201 USD

Annual subscription: 51 USD

Student membership: 25 USD

This can be summarized as follows in tabular form S.N
N: NRI/Foreigners (in USD)



Student Yearly

All representatives, Managing committee members, GBM must be life time members for atleast one year.

2.2. Aims and Objectives: Following points are being included or amended in list of aims of objectives

A. To establish universities, R&D Institutions and R&D Centers, colleges, Higher level technical and non technical training institutes at various parts of India by own or in association with any individuals, national and international partners, societies, trusts, educational and R&D institutions, Universities etc.

9. to organize seminars, conferences, symposiums, workshops, orientation programs, regular training programs on scientific or non scientific subjects.

B. To constitute scientific council, professional council, business council, development councils or any other committee or subcommittee to run various programs, events and schemes of the society.

C. To form chapters in various parts of India and abroad to execute development activities in the state and their chapters.

Membership guidelines

The BBrains Development Society, BBDS Membership form is available on our website. It can be downloaded from the link


Any person can obtain membership in any of the following methods:

Option 1: The duly filled in membership forms may be sent along with a demand draft for the membership fee drawn in favour of” BBrains Development Society”, Payable at Patna.

Option 2: Applications can be handed over to the local BBDS Chapter Representatives who will arrange to forward them to the BBDS Headquarters.

Option 3: Duly filled form can be sent by email on bbsc@biharbrains.org. If you click on online transfer, you may transfer amount online to BBDS Bank account and inform the headquater along with filled & signed application form and bank transfer receipt.

Mode of amount /Membership fee: Any amount/ membership fee can be deposited by any one of the means:

a) Submitted cash to BB office/any representatives in India or abroad

b) Submitted the cheque to ICICI bank:

c) Sent or submit the cheque/Demand Draft to BB Patna office.

d) Transferred through internet banking to BB account.

e) Deposited cash in BB ICICI bank account.

f) Through PayPal or wire transfer.

Bank A/C Information has given on link


Membership Benefits:

1. Membership Kit that includes Membership Card, Badges, BB booklet and free email id on www.biharbrains.org .

2. Online free access to member’s area: Members can have free online access to the website user area from anywhere. The members area in website may be uploaded or include technical materials, online access to journals, magazines, books and other society related files etc. on our BiharBrains Scholastic Center website www.bbscindia.com .

3. Life time member can become member of Global Scientific council without any additional fee.

4. 15% Concessions in participation fee of the all events /workshops organized by the society.

5. Free facilities of library Books, technical material CDs, Internet Browsing at BiharBrains Scholastic Center, BBSC, Patna

6. Income Tax Exemption

Renewal of Membership
1. The period of annual membership shall be from April 1 of an year to March 31 of the following year. Thus, annual membership will expire on March 31, irrespective of the date of admission in the preceding 12 months.

2. Names of those Annual members, who have not renewed their subscription for more than 3 months from the 1st of April of the year for which subscription is due will be deleted from the roster of membership.

3. The Student Annual Membership is valid from July 1st of a year to 30th June of the following year. The Student Membership should be renewed by 31st August of the year.


Powers of Different Executives:


D.He/She is the head of management committee of the society.

e.He/she will co-ordinate all representatives & centers head.


He will be the head of the local management committee and will preside over all the meetings of the managing committee as well as the general body of the society in absence of chairman.


e.Online global meeting may be called by the chairman to take decision on important issues through voice conference, chat conference, video conference.

Application for admission:

A person desirous of joining the society shall apply in writing on a prescribed form along lifetime membership fee.as their admission fee to the general secy. Of the managing committee, who shall be entitled to reject or accept the same without assigning any reason thereof.

2 Establishing Center for Personality Development and Human Resource at Patna

The GBM has decided to start its Center for personality Development and Human Resource (CPD HR) at Patna in association with Digital Footprints, a UK based company. The main aim of this center is to develop interpersonal and soft skills among youngsters which is necessary to have in everybody to compete with fast changing world market where students of Bihar really lack in. This center will provide special training to those who wants to opt for higher studies in abroad, who are working or eligible for working as software professionals, Engineers, Managers (MBA or non MBAs) and govt officials.

The course modules, Brochures and rules and regulations are being prepared and will be announce very shortly.

3 Future activities and events

a. Organising Second Bihar Science Conference, 2009: The second Bihar Science Conference will be organized on Jan 30 – Feb 1, 2009. Magadh University will be the hosting University for this conference and will be organized at PG Center, College of Commerce, Patna. Prof Jainendra Kumar, Head of the PG department of Botany and Biotechnology will be Chairman of this conference.

b. Formation of Global Core Scientific Councils: GBM Members approved the formation of core scientific council headed by Prof Rajmani Prasad Sinha The aim of this council to organize science conferences, Workshops, Scientific Festivals, short term programs, starting R&D Center, and providing help to local research groups. This center is the one of the outcome of the Bihar Science Conference, 2008.

4 Any other Matters with the permission from chairman:

a. Change of address: The address of the society has been changed from Maitri Shanti Bhawan, BM DAS Road to 201, OmVihar Commercial Complex , KadamKuan,Patna-4. The requisition to this effect should go to the govt.

b. Quarterly Meeting: Meeting of executive council should be organized quarterly. The next meeting will be held in February, 2009.

Meeting Attendees:
Dr. B.K. Sharma(President), Dr. Dolly Sinha(Gen Secy), Dr. Santosh Kumar(Joint Secy), Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Dr. Amarendra Narayan, Vijay Sharan. Prof RP Sinha (former VC, Mithila Univ and Prof of Physics, Patna Univ) was special guest of this meeting.

Sanjay Kumar: New BB Mumbai Representative (Nov 9,2008)

Dear All,

I am happy to inform you that Mr. Sanjay Kumar is now our Mumbai Representative.

On behalf of BiharBrains, I congratulate him and also giving many thanks for accepting this responsibility.

He will be taking guard from Mr. Ranjit Kumar Sinha who has recently joined USA based R&D institute.
Mr. Sanjay is actively involved with us for more than a year and actively participated in serious discussions. He is basically from Muzaffarpur and have been working in healthcare industry for the last 12 years in diversified functional area – as pharma production and marketing, medical transcription and training, clinical research, drug regulatory affairs, and education. Currently working as Senior Scientist-DRA (Alkem Laboratory), as well as consultancy to the organizations and faculty for MSc Clinical Research.

Being new representative of Mumbai, he has to do lot for his chapter. Organising monthly meeting, fund raising for various projects of BB, and increasing membership of the society are the prime concerns of our representatives.
I do hope, he will do justice to his roles and responsibilities.